Terms and Conditions

Applications must be original and not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party, although parts of the material included may have been previously published. Any company that uses or references work in an application undertaken by a third party must ensure that it is entitled to use or reference that work and must credit to the third party in the copy.

If an application has been jointly written, or where an application includes written contributions from any other individual or company, the company submitting the application must ensure that it is entitled to include those contributions.

Upon submitting the application, you assign with full title guarantee all intellectual property rights, including copyright, in the application, irrevocably, throughout the world and in any media, to the Creative Industries Council.  In respect of any and all third party material included in or supplementary to the application that cannot be assigned, any permissions and waivers of moral rights necessary from the copyright owners to use their material in connection with the Application must be obtained in writing prior to submission for the entry and must be delivered to the Creative Industries Council on request. Such permissions must include a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free sub-licence to the Creative Industries Council  to use all such third party materials on the same terms as the Assigned Material can be used, including the right for the Creative Industries Council to commercially exploit the entry, and grant sub-licences to third parties to do the same.

The applicant warrants to the Creative Industries Council that the Application is true and accurate in all material respects and complies with the above terms.

The applicant shall, on demand, fully indemnify and keep fully indemnified and hold the Creative Industries Council harmless from and against all losses, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses (including legal fees) which the Creative Industries Council may suffer or incur at any time as a result of any claim (whether actual or alleged and including third party claims) that the rights granted to the Creative Industries Council pursuant to these Terms and/or the materials provided by the applicant and/or the possession or use by the Creative Industries Council of such materials (as appropriate) infringes a third party's intellectual property rights or warranties.

Applicants must note that their Application may be used in whole or in part in any way the Creative Industries Council thinks fit, including (without limitation) publication by the Creative Industries Council or third parties.